Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

By Alison March 2, 2012 12 Comments 2 Min Read

Happy Friday Sweethearts. Can I interest you in a little prize draw?
You see everybody who buys one of my thoroughly lovely utterly inspirational downloads from the Brocante  Shop between now and next Friday will be entered into a little draw to win a copy of the absolutely gorgeous book above.
While I often find crafty books something of an anathema because they contain projects I couldn’t manage to produce in a month of Sundays, this one by the ever so clever Sarah Moore of Born In the Chapel fame is both accessible and prettier than I have got words for…

With instructions for creating a little crafty vintage something for every room in the house ( from fabric covered suitcases to velvet strawberries, picnic hampers, coats of arms and button bracelets) there is a project included for all levels of crafty derring do.

All that and did I mention all the pretty too? Oooh yes, there is more vintage  pretty in this book than you could shake a feather duster at.

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of having all this pretty delivered to your doorstep? Simply buy anything in store this week and I will pop your name in the virtual hat. Or make this the week you become a Houskeeping Superstar and I will drop your name into the hat five times over, so you have five chances of winning and more vintage homemaking writing, planners and puttery treats than you could possibly know what to do with!

So if you have been dithering about splashing your cash on a little vintage inspiration, now is the week to do it. Not only is the fourth part of The Art of Homemaking out next week but Muse starts again in April and there is nothing like the first breath of Spring to inspire a Seasonal Scrub now is there?

Lets get busy Housekeepers, it’s a gorgeous vintage spring day.x 

P.S: Still need persuading? How about 10% discount with the code VINTAGE? Just pop it into the box at checkout!


  1. Terry Kokko says:

    I LOVE opening up the e-mail and finding a note of inspiration form you! Thank you so much!!! Enjoy the beautiful spring weather- I think I will open up some windows today!

  2. Katherine says:

    Beautiful pics! I’ll have to browse your shop & see what I *don’t* have, lol! 😉

    1. Brunette says:

      The answer for me is, "very little".
      Hi, my name is Brunette, and I'm a Brocanteholic.

  3. Heather F. says:

    Alison, I have been a bit down since the beginning of this year, and I just have to tell you that this morning I opened up a folder of your printed out puttery treats and they have given me the rejuvenation I needed. Your works are a treasure of beauty and wisdom. Thanks for the help, "friend."

  4. Anwylyd says:

    I have a little pin money tucked away and just need to decide–The Art of Homemaking or Trash It or Treasure It? Any suggestions from those of you who have gotten them already?

    1. Beth Miller says:

      I am just loving The Art of Homemaking! It is so inspiring and so fun to go through day by day and make lasting changes to my Homekeeping 🙂
      My recent post A Halloween Circus

      1. Anwylyd says:

        Thanks for the recommendation, Beth! I did decide to go with The Art of Homemaking. I ordered it this morning. Can't wait to get it!

  5. Beth Miller says:

    Dear Alison,
    Does the 10% apply to Housekeeping Superstars as well? And if so, how is it applied, as choosing to purchase takes me directly to paypal without a discount option…
    I am so excited about my progress with The Art of Homemaking that I think I am ready for the whole package ^_^
    My recent post A Halloween Circus

    1. BrocanteHome says:

      You are right Beth when buying the Housekeeping Superstar thing it won't let you apply the discount so for everybody who has become a Superstar since the competition begun I have been refunding the discount as soon as I get the payment.
      I am so glad you are enjoying The Art of Homemaking. Have a lovely day.x
      My recent post Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

      1. Beth Miller says:

        Thank you Alison!! Purchasing now…
        My recent post A Halloween Circus

  6. Hi Alison
    Have purchased "The Art of Homemaking" by paypal, look forward to receiving it soon, bye for now.
    Sally-Anne Russell
    My recent post My Dream came True!

    1. BrocanteHome says:

      Sally I hope you have now received your download, I have re-sent it and it should definitely have reached you now. Happy weekend!x
      My recent post Homemade Gifts Vintage Style

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