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  1. I laughed. I felt your pain. While I don’t feel it is always good to try and one up each other in the misery dept( you’ll never believe what happened to me today!!!!), I feel in the world that we try to create,we sometimes forget that reality hits. Thank you again for reminding us that attitude is everything!

  2. There is something comforting about knowing we all have days (lives?) like this. I’ve been battling an asthma attack since the end of December and barely keeping my head above water. My Christmas tree and all the decorations are still up. There are so many leaves blown into the flowerbed which runs across our front porch that our house has taken on an abandoned look. That’s part of the reason I keep turning on all the twinkle lights in the front room and entry – so it looks like we live here, crazy though we may be.

  3. Mornings are very similar here. Ieuan is 7 but his first word to me every morning when I say “good morning” is “no”. He’s as grumpy as I am. Brocante Home seems a million miles from the description above but it’s a very nice place to be.

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