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  1. That's the kind of really disappointing love letter I used to get … and it would be all the worse to have the front poem (so sweet!) to compare it to!
    I just found your blog and it's lovely … I love Doris Day movies, too, and Anne Tyler is one of my very favorite authors. One question … what is a "pinny"? (Off to Google …)

  2. oooohhh…. Wouldn't we love to know the "scoop" on this one? I'm thinking since it is written to a man, isn't it??? bitter. or sarcastically promising…. hmmm… Wonderful…. (I originally wrote wounderful—which might be a new word to describe how the writer of this might have been feeling. haha..)

  3. I just picked up the same card at an antique shop in Ohio. I re-gifted it as a timeless valentines day card. It made her cry…..

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