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By Alison March 19, 2005 3 Comments 3 Min Read

Spring has sprung and that’s a fact.
There were certainly clues; the camellia in my front garden has finally bloomed and it’s my birthday on Monday. But the proof is in the pudding: its 8.30pm and I’ve only just turned the central heating on. And trust me, I am of a cold-boned nature!
The minute the seasons change, the house instantly looks shabby. And not in a good way. I am talking a sudden coat of dust covering everything I own, holes miraculously appearing in vintage fabrics,  grubby grouting and furniture distressed to the point where a trip to the tip wouldn’t be out of the question. 
Not to mention the fact that all of a sudden I hate everything I own because the sun glinting through my leaded windows make everything else look dull in comparison. 
So what to do? I say scrub till you drop. A spring clean is not called a spring clean for nothing. Clean the kitchen first, then move upstairs and work downwards. (For more detailed instructions, join The Vintage HouseKeepers Circle!). Then when the house is clean, you’ve chucked away anything beyond repair, and you’ve rid your little world of the weight of winter, it’s time to get busy…
I am thinking
I am thinking that a bit of glitz, a tad of something twinkly, and a teeny pinch of glamour, wouldn’t go amiss..
Why? Because I reckon we need to capture that lovely spring light and reflect it around our tired rooms..  I reckon that after a long and frankly rather dull Winter we need a bit of frou frou to make us smile.. I reckon keeping all that glitz for Christmas is somewhat a waste of all that is lovely…
So lets do it. Lets bling it up!
Dangle crystals from pretty ribbons and hang in your windows to catch the light… 
Tie back curtains with extra wide pale coloured ribbon tied into huge floppy bows (Ribbon is going to be huge over the next year!)
Change knobs and door handles to glass or crystal versions, Rachel Ashwell style.
Get pastel coloured baubles out of Christmas storage and add them to bowls of rustic pot pourri for glitzy contrast.
Add scrumptious feathers to flower arrangements…
Look for gypsy style scarves with deep fringes and divine scarlet roses and drape across heavy furniture…
Fill bowls with vintage buttons or sea glass.
Revive tired cushions with old paste brooches, glitzy little buttons or diamante belt buckles.
Dangle gorgeous necklaces from picture frames, door knobs or ornaments…
Go vintage clothes shopping and buy something so utterly glamorous you couldn’t possibly wear it, then hang it from a padded hanger in your boudoir…
Gather your cutest, twinkliest little bags and display on a wall together or hang them on the stair bannister or from the backs of chairs.
Wrap cushions up in ribbon, parcel style and tie in pretty bows.
Buy multi coloured crystals and add them to your light fittings, tie them around muslin bags filled with lavender and dangle from your bath taps or thread them onto the skinniest ribbon you can find and dangle them from plants or bare twig style arrangements…
Just think of it as house jewellery…


  1. Connie says:

    I love your site. Everything I see brings joy to my soul. Love all your stuff and ideas.

  2. Elaine says:

    Oh why does your site make me feel so inadequate and take up so much of my time that I neglect my own Brocante home which is getting more brocante by the minute – love your site – it inspires me if only I could stop reading it long enough to get something wonderful of my own done!!

  3. Bonnie Schulte says:

    Oh, I am so happy to have come across your site. Your Bling ideas are wonderful. I know now what to do with two dozen of my crystal drops, that have been hiding in a box for years. A pretty box, but hiding non the less. Thanks so much for sharing, I must read every word you write.

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