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By Alison July 14, 2015 2 Comments 3 Min Read

Ok so remember how there used to be a column of new books dilly-dallying around my sidebar? And every week I would prowl around Amazon searching for all  recently released books I thought us Vintage housekeepers might just enjoy? Well now: the app I have used for many a year now has only gone and kind of died and simply won’t allow me to link to all the books I want to show you and so what used to be a sidebar widget will now become a weekly post instead and the world will go on just as it always has done. Darn technology!
First up then Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating
Written by Lauren Mess, an interior designer and blogger at Pure Style Home, Habitat focuses on bringing natural elements inside to create a home layered with eclectic texture and botanical inspiration. One for the coffee table methinks.

Buy it on Amazon.Com here…

And here….

the little paris bookshop
Next, The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
Oh Darlings, if you love books, this is an absolute treat. Situated on a floating bookshop on the Seine, Monsieur Perdu prescribes books like a doctor might medicine – to heal. And how this makes for literary bliss. I read this over two nights, and lost myself completely in this gentle, heart-warming story, occasionally biting back tears, but always delighted by how well Nina George clearly understands and treasures the gift of words.

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And Amazon.Co.Uk here…  

radical self love
Now, Radical Self Love by Gala Darling.
I love Gala Darling. I love her spirit and I love her message. And in Radical self Love she offers us a reminder to love ourselves. To embrace frippery and fun. To layer our lives with magic, bliss and adventure. I’m waiting with bated breath for this one to land on my doormat

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And here…

the hands on home

And finally, The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving & Natural Homekeeping by Erica Strauss
Ooooh I love books that take a seasonal approach to keeping house and all the recipes and rituals that go with it, so I did not hesitate to pop this one on pre-order because this Autumn I want to get back to the way I used to keep house: with commitment and old-fashioned dedication to domesticity. Won’t you join me?

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And here…

Happy reading Housekeepers.x


  1. Your sidebar of books was always one of my favorite things. So I’m glad you’re doing this! But this can be even more fun as you share a few comments about each book!

  2. Karla Neese says:

    I love this new feature. I too loved the sidebar but this is even better! I’ve just been to my library website and put The Little Paris Bookshop on hold to borrow when it becomes available. Can’t wait to read it!

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