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By Alison October 6, 2010 4 Comments 3 Min Read

Oh dear. How recklessly often my day is interrupted by a call from school summoning me to collect my little munchkin, and so another day is lost to a litany of warm drinks and cosy hugs and though the worker inside of me deeply resents it, this Mummy knows that there won’t always be days like this and I really should make the most of the opportunity to smother him with get better hugs…
And so my Darlings, because I can’t gather up enough concentration to write anything that would turn your world upside down today,  I thought I would take the opportunity to take a swing on the Housekeepers Carousel and regale you with all the little somethings that have been floating my boat since the last time the fairground came to town…

* First up? James Brown for Cath Kidston:  a cute little collection of homely domestic prints by this printmaker extroadinaire. A match made in decorative heaven methinks.

* Next a collection of October themed screensavers by a wide variety of artists available for free download at Smashing Magazine today. My favourite? That darling little Gnomy couple because they make me feel all snuggly, and dare I say it, loved up
* In celebration of Autumn: some snuggly words… velvet, flapjacks and cocoa. Scarves, cinnamon and cosying up on the sofa. Blankets, socks and extra quilts, pumpkins, soup and steamy windows. Wellies, anoraks and mittens. Oil paint and knitting.  Carpet bags, hiking books and mashed potato. Early nights and period dramas, cosy feet and ice cold fingers. Coal fires and gas fires, candlelight and crunchy leaves. conkers, twigs and bear hugs. Rice pudding and nice puddings, long baths, piles of library books and Betty Davis. Socks, thermals and cuddles…
* Next up a darling collection of downloadable vintage “things to do” books for kids that I found online…

My Book of Indoor Games by Clarence Squareman.

A Little Cook Book For Little Girls by French Benton.

What Shall We Do Now? By Dorothy Canfield and Others.
* Now a deliciously Autumnal  Chai Tea Latte recipe from YesDivasCanCook.Com
* And finally… a word of warning about the perils of  being that little bit too addicted to your computer from the New York Times
“Recently, Mrs Campbell  was baking peanut butter cookies for Teacher Appreciation Day when her phone chimed in the living room. She answered a text, then became lost in Facebook, forgot about the cookies and burned them. She started a new batch, but heard the phone again, got lost in messaging, and burned those too. Out of ingredients and shamed, she bought cookies at the store.
She feels less focused and has trouble completing projects. Some days, she promises herself she will ignore her device. “It’s like a diet — you have good intentions in the morning and then you’re like, ‘There went that,’ ” she said.”
Because haven’t we all been there??
Have a lovely week Housekeepers.


  1. phyllis says:

    Just last night I burnt the baby limas (bless their hearts) because of blog reading.
    Two words I'd never heard before blogging…Brocante and wellies…which I'm using appropriately in sentences now (thank you) I must go look up conkers now…
    Get well Finn!!! Which socks has mommy put you in…show us :)!!

  2. Tracelaine says:

    Totally in love with the cover image of Indoor Games.

  3. Rosemary London says:

    I love the Indoor Games cover too !! I'm fascinated with baby limas,presume these are lima beans of the small variety?

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oh Rosemary I'm so glad you asked the baby lima beans question, I was quietly flummoxed!

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