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  1. THANK YOU for the link to the Inspired Ideas magazine! I cannot believe how precious it is!
    Also, I am wondering about the Trash it or Treasure it. Specifically, do you think it could help me with my "final frontier" of computer clutter? I feel overwhelmed with the "stuff" I clip to Evernote or have saved in documents and bookmarks. I'm doing pretty well in the other arenas, but this I'm still stuck on.
    Thanks so much, glad I found you!

    1. Oooh Clare I'm so glad you found me too! Week Three of Trash It or Treasure It describes how I manage info on the internet, but come next week I might pull together something a little bit more detailed in your honour. Look out for it…x

  2. Oh I adore the e-Reader covers. I'd have to get one first. I'm so torn. I love technology and gadgets but I can't seem to tear myself away from the idea of real books. It would be like abandoning dear old friends.

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