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By Alison February 9, 2011 5 Comments 5 Min Read

Yes indeed! The first carousel of  2011 is here and it’s merry-go-round horses are positively laden with pretties…
*First up, This darling “I Am A Lady” poster I found on Tumblr, but can sadly tell you no more about. Anyways it’s here because it made me giggle, as I am currently thoroughly enjoying the giddy name-dropping romp that is Rachel Johnsons account of her first year as editor of The Lady magazine (which for the record, I still adore!)
*Now for some Brocante notices… I will be taking half term off with Finley because I feel like I hardly see my little man these days and I kinda feel like we need to re-connect and have some fun without half of me drifting somewhere between home and this virtual polka dotted land of mine, so I will be taking some time out between the 18th and the 27th of February…
Then when I hop back on-line Muse will start, probably on the 2nd or 3rd of March, so keep your eye’s peeled for more details about that in the next week or so. I have got so many great ideas for this darling latest project of mine and I am really excited about it…
Oooh and while I’m on the subject of Brocante downloads, please may I say a huge big thank-you to y’all who bought Trash It or Treasure It last week? It is now my best selling download ever and I am truly grateful to everybody who bought it…

*Next … Inspired Ideas Magazine. Though I managed to miss the first edition of this gorgeous crafty magazine from Amy Powers of Inspire Co. the Spring issue is a charm for all those looking for the teeny tiniest of easy but oh so pretty little crafty prompts and tutorials from clever ladies like Pam Garrison and Mary Englebreit. Go see.

* Now The Makers Project. Because it’s wonderful and with Jen Causey of Simply Breakfasts fame at the helm, why would it be anything else? Created to document the lives of those who both make things and make things happen, week by week the project takes an intimate look at the process, art, studios and interiors of one artisan with the understated simplicity Jennifer Causey brings to all her photography. I love it because I’m nosey. Because I like the creative process integral to all kinds of art. And because there is a bit of me that rather enjoys the emerald green jealousy I feel when peeking inside these gorgeous, clever lives.

* Next, some truly cutey-pie covers for our precious Kindles from Vintage Covers on Etsy. Sub-titled Covering The New With The Old, Randy Belyk takes vintage books and transforms them into covers/holders for our beloved e-readers, so we don’t have to feel quite so horribly hi-tech when we choose to curl up with a book… ingenious mais non?

* Now a Persian Love Cake little old me is going to attempt to bake for my beloved come Valentines Day because there are only so many heart shaped iced biscuits this girl can stand, and this recipe looks truly scrumptious doesn’t it?? Valentines Day should be about a fragrant sliver of something delicious, not out and out gluttony methinks…
* Books on my Kindle this week: “The Heart of Racheal” by Kathleen Thompson Norris, and (though it makes me feel like a bad person admitting it) Kitty Kelley’s biography of Oprah Winfrey

* Next Florence Montmares’ “Illuminations”– a fascinating set of images documenting her struggles with insomnia in the midst of the break up of her relationship.Though I am loathe to list two photography projects in one Carousel, I couldn’t resist because Florence’s description of her intention to explore “the familiar domestic space, with all that it encompasses, moments of intimacy, connection and sometimes those other moments of feeling disconnect, loss and displacement” resounded with me so wholly and ultimately she charts all that it is to fall apart in the middle of the night. And not know why.
* And finally a little of scrap of fairy text. Because I am here for nothing, if it is not  to make you question who you are. And this time to ask you whether you are truly grown up yet..?

Happy Wednesday Housekeepers.


  1. LissyLou says:

    this was completely delightful!!

  2. Claire says:

    THANK YOU for the link to the Inspired Ideas magazine! I cannot believe how precious it is!
    Also, I am wondering about the Trash it or Treasure it. Specifically, do you think it could help me with my "final frontier" of computer clutter? I feel overwhelmed with the "stuff" I clip to Evernote or have saved in documents and bookmarks. I'm doing pretty well in the other arenas, but this I'm still stuck on.
    Thanks so much, glad I found you!

    1. brocantehome says:

      Oooh Clare I'm so glad you found me too! Week Three of Trash It or Treasure It describes how I manage info on the internet, but come next week I might pull together something a little bit more detailed in your honour. Look out for it…x

      1. Claire says:

        thank you!
        Just went and clicky on the pay button right now.
        Off to download and get to work!

  3. Karla says:

    Oh I adore the e-Reader covers. I'd have to get one first. I'm so torn. I love technology and gadgets but I can't seem to tear myself away from the idea of real books. It would be like abandoning dear old friends.

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