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  1. Oh that poem is so lovely!and for sure I am going to read High wages,sounds my kind of story,kirsty and cath?really? well! you live and learn! and yes I too have that book that Sophie was reading,I thought last week she was reading from'the love letters of great men' which I also own,me and Soph are like peas in a pod arent we? Lol! bet she never says lol.

  2. I'm of the notion you can't go wrong with a good Lol Gena… and as Sophie is clearly one of us, I'm sure she would agree.x

  3. I love the video. Then again, I love Target. I just bought the Shabby Chic line for my daughter's room.She had some very unique ideas for table setting. I like to use white dinnerware and I have chargers that I use. Some of her ideas would serve very well for an elegant dinner to a picnic table brunch.

  4. Hello Alison May 🙂 What a great blog you have! I am so glad you came by to visit my lil blog, Thank you so much for the lovely birthday wish that you left for my mama, she gets all happy each time I read a new one to her, she doesn't get this blogland thing ( I think it is a lil overwhelming for her 🙂 But I know she is happy that I have met so many wonderful people… I look forward to visiting again, your lil man is absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Besos, Rose

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