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  1. Utterly fantastic! yes I agree re the biscuits,yummy arent they? I adore Wuthering heights it is one of my all time favourites and OMG Robert Redford in 'The way we were' be still my beating heart!

    1. Oooh thank you Gena, I'm thrilled you like it and simply can't wait to snuggle up with Robert Redford later…
      P.S: Re the biscuits: I'm not sure about the cranberry ones, they don't seem quite as spoiling as the milk ones do they? who needs wholesome with your cuppa??

  2. Oh golly! I can't believe how industrious you are! Its all I can do to just post daily. How yummy! Will dream of breakfast "biscuits" from now on and for the record, I have to tell you that I have a singularly handsome and single cousin who looks like Robert Redford but isn't nearly so snooty. He's a chef. Love that poem. Millay is lovely.
    My recent post Birth Music

  3. Love your look Alison! Just so you know…I've loved Robert Redford my whole life but I will share him with you. And dear Edna's poem hit the spot today. Enjoy your spring day. Smile, Sally

  4. It's lovely to have the polka dots back, everything looks and reads brilliantly, I can see I shall be sharing long cups of tea with you every day again now. I especially like your " statement of being " on what a Vintage housekeeper is and is not! Congratulations. Gill 🙂

  5. Hi Alison, the new Brocante looks wonderful, so sunny and happy and just right. Thanks for taking the time to have a reshuffle and make a brand new blog.

  6. I thought I would burst waiting to see what was 'lurking behind the scenes' – and now I know!!! And it's fantabuloso Mrs!!!!!! Well done, must have been hard work, but let me tell you, well worth it! Thank you xxx

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