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  1. My answer to Sylvia Plath comes from another great writer and one I trust more than Sylvia- Isaak Dinesen/Karen Blixen in Babettes Gaestebud-Babette's Feast
    Old Lorenz Lowenhielm:
    Man, in his weakness and shortsightedness believes he must make choices in this life. He trembles at the risks he takes. We do know fear. But no. Our choice is of no importance. There comes a time when our eyes are opened and we come to realize that mercy is infinite. We need only await it with confidence and receive it with gratitude. Mercy imposes no conditions. And lo! Everything we have chosen has been granted to us. And everything we rejected has also been granted. Yes, we even get back what we rejected.
    For mercy and truth have met together, and righteousness and bliss shall kiss one another.

  2. Oh Alison! your creation is lovely! much better by far than the hard boiled egg I had to transform at eastertime into Lady gaga,whilst nursing a massive hangover! you did well girl! I fear I may die if I do not see Bright star very soon,it looks wonderful and finally,the Sylvia Plath quote is making me look upon the fig tree I planted last year in my back garden in a whole new light!

  3. I'm looking forward to the trash/treasure organization!!!
    Alison–I haven't been receiving the daily "puttery" note–can you check my subscription? Thank you!!

  4. Looking forward to the trash or treasure, going to do my seasonal scrub alongside it in preparation for my second baby!
    Love the new site – very pretty!
    PS – do you ever use the Boots Traditional products? Just started using the Rose Damask toner and absolutely love it!

  5. It breaks my heart how deeply Sylvia Plath just felt everything, and what's more, could express such resonant feelings so perfectly. I often wonder if it is truly possible to have such deep insight, such deep analysis in life, and at the same time ever really be happy. I fear not – and what a cruel irony that is? They do say ignorance is bliss…….
    But you're right Alison!! We must never let our analysis, our indecision, and procrastination allow our figs to shrivel!
    Genius. x

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