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  1. I loved Georgette Heyer as a teen and will enjoy revisiting them. She has such feisty heroines. I have been trying to collect a full set bit by bit, on and off, ever since. They are hard to find now, except online of course. Gill.

  2. I adore being a mother of sons. I have four, ages 8, 6, 4, and 3. They are my delight! I anticipate it only getting better! It will not lead to bitterness. They are my little He-men and they already take good care of their mommy. 🙂
    (The website I listed is a post about Things Little Boys Do. Captures a little of why I so much love being the mother of sons!)

    1. "They are my little He-men", I love that Daja, you have such a lovely turn of phrase… will have a look at the webpage you sent as soon as my own little he-man is in bed!

  3. I don't have a son, but seriously – that Andrew Dworkin comment looked like utter crap. This is the twenty-first century, not the nineteenth, and women can find their own way in the world without having to live through their sons. Investing her ideas &c. or whatever she has left of them! Huff! Please tell me he wasn't being serious.
    But Georgette Heyer is a weakness of mine, I'm sure you'd enjoy her, Alison. She wrote rather entertaining detective novels too…
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. OhI know… but you know when you happen across something and even though you KNOW it's nonsense it stilltugs on a little something inside you? That's how it felt…
      Will seek out a Georgette Heyer Detective novel. Any particular favourite?

      1. I understand!
        Hmm, favourites. There are so many to choose from and (dare I say it?) I get a bit muddled between some of them… I am particularly fond of Sylvester, The Talisman Ring and The Masqueraders. Also These Old Shades, but I hesitate to recommend that as it really is rather dodgy (relationship between teenager and duke pushing 50, whips, cross-dressing, etc. etc.). Now I want to go and read some of them again…

        1. Oops, now I see you wrote detective novels. Why Shoot A Butler? and maybe Detection Unlimited… I hope you enjoy whatever you choose!

  4. I have three boys (two are grown) along with two daughters and I have to say I have not felt one ounce of bitterness. Ambivalence maybe on occasion, but that just comes with raising children.

  5. I am so glad you have a new way for commenting. I was really missing out on what all you gals were saying because it would always tell me that it was loading to slowly then refuse to show any comments. So, Alison, this is the first time I have been able to leave a comment letting you know – I REALY love your new BrocanteHome *home. It looks very clean and professional while seeming personal at the same time. Everything you do is tinged with charm, and you have been a huge inspiration to me while I drum up a blog for myself.

    1. Oh Sweetie, I am so glad to have you back: so many familiar voices went missing in the interim, but as always it onwards and upwards and I am settling in so nicely here, so hopefully all my lost souls will drift back soon.
      Hope you are well honey pie!x

  6. Your blog is beautiful!
    I have to disagree with Pascal. I think the problem with my generation (under 30) is that we have learned to stay too much in our rooms.
    Happy new month!

    1. I know what you mean Efi, staying in has definitely become the new going out and I do think we suffer socially for it… but oh how I love home… P.S: loving your blog!x

  7. Oh you beat me to it! I got my Lakeland catalogue and fell in love with the cupcake machine too – I was going to blog about it 😉 Thank you for the girlpower video, I loved it!!

    1. Oh so did I: I'm still humming it now. And as for the cupcake machine my warped brain is making it the target prize of my effort to lose a stone before September. There is something wrong with me isn't there??

  8. I keep meaning to write and tell you how wonderful your site is and how much I'm enjoying Treasure or Toss and how much I needed the last message we got on it! So tempted as I am to look up the Lakeland catalog I'm not going to until I've finished with my tossing! Thank you!!

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