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  1. How sad for you that Finlay won’t stay with his Daddy any more. Having my stepson stay with us is such a lovely time for us and as he approaches his teens I start to worry that friends will come before family at the weekend (I remember how I changed so much when I hit secondary school!) and we will see him less and less. I suspect from reading some of your earlier blogs I have a better relationship with him than Finlay’s stepmum. We don’t really have a mother/son relationship, more like the aunt/nephew type relationship. His dad loves it because stepson will tell me things that he feels too nervous to talk to mum or dad about and I can help him to find a way to talk it out with them.
    How do you get your Kale chips to taste nice? Mine always taste of awful, despite looking like that lovely crispy ‘seaweed’ you get with a chinese takeaway.

  2. …but what if he’s Russell Brand’s doppelganger?
    Sorry about what is going on with Finley and his dad. He’s so very, very lucky to have you. Such a wonderful mom!

  3. Sorry – just realised I spelled your son’s name wrong! Bad me, I hate it when people spell Stephen’s name wrong. In my defence he has a friend who spells it with an ‘a’ and I went into auto-pilot!

  4. Oh sweet Alison, things will improve…they always do. Life is just about the change…up and down, and often, inside out. Sometimes too, just taking a ‘enough’ day, allowing yourself to just BE, is what is most required. I think it is the things we can not control in our days, that wreck such havoc with our emotions….and so little we can do but just ‘be’…and wait.
    I agree with Heather and Nicola, that Finn is so very fortunate to have you as his mum…his biggest ally, and his most ardent cheerleader. I hope your day fills itself with grins and giggles….and that you can get some rest … We all depend on your words here!

  5. Your words are such comfort for the rest of us that have such busy, complicated lives, knowing there are others also trying to do the right things. I myself spent Monday recovering from a weekend of nightshifts, sleeping too much (actually just feeling guilty about sleeping but knowing it was necesary), feeling bad for not communicating with my son who is in the middle of exams (tired and grumpy!) and having no energy for housework/ironing/gardening.
    But I revive myself by looking out over the Northumberland hills and listening to the birds.
    Thank you for your lovely blog

  6. I hope Finn’s father will make more effort to see him, despite the different arrangements. I don’t ask how or why this has come to pass. You’ve alluded to the fact that the ex’s wife and Finn aren’t, shall we say, compatible. I will leave it at that, other than to remark that I hope she displays warmer feelings for her own offspring when it arrives.
    Here’s to new boilers! And I say, if the boiler man is buff, offer him poisson. Maybe he’ll do the installation gratis. *wink, nudge, leer* ……..

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