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  1. I’d really like to read your comments about Marie Kondo’s book. It seems very inspiring… but is the method realistic? By the way… it’s never too late to add onions! 🙂

  2. It’s definitely not too late to add onions or “anything” else for that matter. I’m 63, married for 42 years, and stil find my life evolving on an almost daily basis, so there is hope for everyone 🙂 chin up lovey a new opportunity begins every new day to “add onions” I hope Finn feels better soon.

  3. It’s that restless time of year before the clocks change. Nothing worse than being trapped inside when a walk outside to settle your thoughts would help more. I’m going to look at that book.
    Today I started to sort out our (huge) cluttered bedroom and now it has a bit of an echo going on.
    Add chopped spring onions and Marigold bouillion to your soup – it makes everything better. Hope your young tea-belly boy is feeling better – take care of you too xx

  4. Alison how I LOLd at this. I am a rubbish sick nurse too. I wasn’t in the early days of motherhood. In those days I always had the cupboards stocked up with calpol and calamine and was ready to mop a brow or hold the sick bucket, with a smile and a cuddle. Now I’m afraid I’m much more businesslike about the whole thing. While I love my little angels dearly, sick children can be terribly tiresome. I too would rather be reading! And don’t get me started on Gumball.
    I am 41. No it is not too late for onions. We are on the home straight now. Bring on the onions!

  5. This is four days later, but I do hope Finn is feeling better by now. I hadn’t realized how much we had in common until this post. I am a great nurse to my family, but inside I really am over it after five minutes. Just let me read the interwebs, people! When I say “Get well soon” I really mean it! Your soup sounded delish even with green bacon 😉

  6. Dear Alison, when you have the time, would you be willing to share your Split Pea & Smoked Bacon soup recipe? It sounds delightful!

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