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  1. I do believe we carry a piece of our homes wherever we go, and leave our imprint behind us too. Do share your ebay name so we can buy some of the lovely thugs you’ll be sending on their way. I’ve just finished reading The Life Changing Art of Tidying…I’ late to the party I know, but her noughts on sending things on their way out into the world felt very comforting and made an instinctive border like me think maybe I can do this! Xxx

  2. This post was so touching. You described the selling process so well. I read it aloud to my coworker, whether she wanted me to or not.

  3. Beautiful! Love the last phrase. It touched my heart, as I am leaving a home (if only for the last three years) to move to the next. I will try to remember to take my heart. But to keep a little bit of this home with me.

  4. I know how difficult it can be to move when we have put so much into our houses. But, don’t worry. You WILL take your heart, and it will keep all your pleasant memories safe to cherish whenever you need them. And your new life in another place will bring you joy. (I wish I could spare you the packing. That is the worst.

  5. Hope this isn’t too painful for you and ends up being a good experience. I’m glad I hate the home I’m currently in so it won’t be hard when we end up selling it. As a kid I hated when we sold one of the homes we lived in because it was amazing! I still miss that house.

  6. For those of us who put our hearts and souls into our homes, moving on can be difficult even when we are happy about the new arrangements. I hope the new owners will appreciate the lovely vintage vibes with which you have imbued this home and I am confident that it won’t be long before your new place will feel like home.

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