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  1. Sometimes you just have to wonder why life throws us these curve balls. However you can and you will get through this in your own inimitable and lavender scented way. Best of luck xx

  2. Lots of love and hugs; I’m sorry things are so difficult at the moment. They will pass, they always do. My family and I have also been there done that and worn the t-shirt, so to speak. I made bread, yep bread kept me sane (well, relatively). So do what you have to do; have a cuppa and a hug with a friend. It will be ok. x
    P.S. I hate car boot sales too, so I’m sending you extra love for just getting on and doing them. x

    1. Darling Alison, go on onwards & upwards. Everything is coming up roses. And that’s a promise from Greece ~

  3. My husband recently lost his job, right after moving into our house, so we’d depleted our savings on fees, deposits, and new furniture. It’s been tough, but amazing how quickly you learn to live on less. Sending you empathy and love xxx

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