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  1. I keep hearing about this Hill House thing. Must investigate. I have a massive pile of books and blu-rays still to get through, why not add more to the list. I tell myself Winter is on its way, plenty of time to read and watch. How much you want to bet I barely make a dent in it? I totally get the need for solitude and the occasional abhorrence for contact with any other creature, save family (and not even them sometimes!) or the squirrel(s)? I can’t tell if its the same squirrel or several, that are darting back and forth around the place, digging holes for the nuts their cheeks are bulging with. I did an Alison May yesterday and went to bed, totally frazzled, at 8 pm and didn’t stir until nearly 9 a.m. this morning. I feel so much better for it. I remember that advice from you once upon a time.

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