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  1. Hope you feel better soon Alison and can enjoy all you are creating without the irritating cold. You are so right, we all run round like headless chickens and work our festive magic in our own way. I have to say though that for the first time in years I am exactly where I want to be with my festive plans and it feels pretty good. From end November to Christmas day we have 4 celebrations to contend with in the house. We have Thanksgiving and 3 birthdays prior to Christmas Day and not only does it get expensive but crazy too. As such I have started to plan throughout the year, and paced myself, must confess your festive planner and all your good ideas do help in a big way, so thank you for stopping me from falling off the cliff -now get well and enjoy your season.

  2. My Christmas Spirit has, I think, given up the Ghost. Its just as well we are going away to the coast Christmas week. I need to find a little prelit tree to take with us. After all, as Spiritless as I feel, like the child who is no longer sure they believe in Santa Claus, I’m not quite prepared to ignore the entire season. Get well soon Alison.

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