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  1. I’m so sorry this has happened and hope everything can work out for you. Very well written to where we can practically feel your pain.

  2. You are so strong, really you are. And you constantly inspire me when I’m feeling at loose ends and untethered and like jelly inside-because I see how you handle things when your life is making you want to scream and it makes me realize I can handle things like you do.

  3. I am carrying you in my thoughts and prayers, dear. Your words so often touch my heart, and I can only hope to repay you by sending my most sincere best wishes. And perhaps a feeble attempt at comfort for you. You are incredibly strong. We are all sending love and healing vibes to you and your family.

  4. feel you Alison ….. i am displaced from my home living with my mum some of the time and i am nearly 50. All we can do is keep on. Thank you for your writing always.

  5. I think we have all been there and some of us are perhaps there now, and it is not a nice place to be. I always try and think that out of chaos comes clarity of mind and out of anger, love often follows. Sometimes though chaos reigns and anger stays. Life is never easy and sometimes it is overwhelming and frightening and hard to put one foot in front of the other. I am often in that place and have been for a few months now. It is not over, but it is better at least I feel better, I hope you do too. You offer us all so much, and you must I hope know how much you are appreciated. In my darkest hours, I have read your words and books, and it is then I realize we are none of us really alone. I thank you.

  6. I love this: “someone somewhere should set up an awarding body for all those women ticking off their to-do’s instead of punching people in the face.” I wonder if it would be tactless to post that in my cubicle…
    Hang in there, gorgeous. Often the hardest resets bring you to a place better than you’ve dared dream.

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