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  1. Alison, your words say what I have been feeling. (how do you do that?) The initial weeks (months) of this Covid Craziness were scary as we marched forward to sanitize everything in sight, keep our distance and stay home. But now you are right it does feel different. The simplicity of staying home and appreciating all the good that we have has surfaced. Today I am harvesting my basil and stocking the freezer with pesto. And it doesn’t feel like a chore…I am so grateful that I can make pesto even though outside world seems to have disaster after disaster happening.
    Thank you for your words and way of looking at life.
    And Miss Plum and Miss Penny look like a cozy little read for me!

  2. Love this. And love that Ste got the EMDR and it is working! All such good news. Even if we all have more challenging days ahead, yes, like you, I feel a new rhythm has formed it’s ‘groove’ somehow. And for the first time ever I am sad for what became a salvation of a summer. X

  3. Lovely post and I’m in need to some loveliness. Work is overwhelming and now the spectre of more lockdown is looming and like so many others, I’m fed up with the inability of our elected officials to actually lead during this crisis. But I am enjoying the incoming new season! Haven’t we been blessed with a wonderful September, evenings and weekends spent out in the backyard watching the giant maple over the fence turning gold. The birds flock over the newly mown hay field behind us, foraging. The equinox is on Tuesday the 22nd bringing the wind and wet that is the jet stream. But no matter, we have these last sunny days.

  4. Always a refuge coming here for a “visit” in the morning! Thank you for sharing and … I’m with Ste! I just chucked a lemon squeezer that was looking far to shabby to be any longer considered the least bit “chic”! I am so glad the EMDR is working well for Ste. The brain is amazing! I am saddened to be telling my lovely flowers goodbye. But your book on the Autumn Home is helping me look forward to the next season. Thanks for that!

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