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  1. You put your thoughts to paper- or computer- so poetically. Thank you for sharing with us. I’ve been musing on life changes this week myself. For me, it’s currently deciding which dreams are no longer practical and being content with the here and now. I read once that if you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to. Maybe… but you still need to deal with the changes that make you into who you will become.

    1. Some of growing up really is knowing which dreams to set aside so you can wholly focus on nurturing what already is, isn’t it Barbara? (But I’m all for never growing up at all!)x

  2. You have a lovely way of putting into words the uncertain feelings we are experiencing and balancing those with thoughtful and kind alternatives. Balance is so important now. Focusing on all the negatives will surely drive us over the edge so I so appreciate your seeing the sunshine peeking thru the dark clouds.

  3. I absolutely agree with the mixed feelings of feeling both grateful and perhaps guilty for the privilege of being able to stay safe at home while others cannot. I must say, however, I wish our country would lock down in light of our skyrocketing cases. Or at the very least, implement a meaningful country-wide mask mandate. This is going to be a dark winter…

  4. That all sounds lovely and peaceful. Thank you for sharing, as it takes me–mentally, at least–away from the chaos currently reigning here in the US.

  5. Thank you for the lovely way you express love and frustration with the proximity of those you love! Helps keep the rest of us sane! ❤️

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