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  1. Never read reviews. If they’re 5 star, you get big headed. If they’re one star it makes you feel like a failure. Who do you write for? Yourself: always yourself. And if that happens to please most of us as well, that’s just an added extra. Hope the black dog slinks off soon.

  2. Oh Allison – How I have missed you! I have taken an almost 3 year hiatus which includes a divorce after 34 years (too trusting..forgiving..THE END of that) and with God’s help I have started over. I see you are in college and I’m too impatient to read through to find out what you are studying! As for me; at 59 back to college and after one more semester, I will be done with nursing school (a 2 year delight). I look forward to making time to have a lovely home (living with friends now) and settle into a peaceful and lovely life. I’m so very thankful! Thank you for THIS post. The dark moments can be shushed and (are you preg?) the hormones will pass. Enjoy THIS time — and look for joy. It’s coming. (with the bed?)

  3. I missed this so much. You write and it feels like reading a letter from a friend. Intimate, quiet. I hope you find your peace and that your holidays were as lovely as could be.
    By the way, to hell with that book review. So many of us love your writings and the little odds and ends that make that them uniquely yours. Please don’t change.

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