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  1. 50 is fabulous! I’m rounding the corner to 51, but it has been a good year, so far! Coincidentally, we happened on our “Covid Kitty” last year. Scooped her up off the road before she was squished, then named her Lucky. She’s part hunter, part prickly riot, but not a comfort animal! Cheers to your continued writing, and Happy early Birthday!🌸

  2. Lovely to hear from you…we have not one but two half grown kittens now! Having lost an elderly cat and an elderly dog in the same year and finding a pet free home horribly empty we adopted two kittens from the stray cat and her feral beau who make their home in my brother in laws derelict garage. They are an absolute joy and are shamelessly doted on! Word to the wise though, get the little treasure insured…we delayed and in the space of two weeks had a hospital stay for potential ingestion of lilies (hideously toxic to cats) followed by an unrelated liver infection (fairly common in kittens). We were lucky enough to have savings enough to cover the treatment…who needs a holiday anyway when you’ve got two delicious cats to keep you busy!

  3. A lovely post as always Alison! Happy, happy Birthday!!! My love and wishes to you for a blissful year ahead!! 🌼🌺🌼🌸🌼

  4. I feel it too—that rising of the sap that is spring. A sudden curiosity about what is poking out of the ground in the garden. A sudden need to clean all the windows. And you are the first person I know to mention a similar infatuation with Couples Therapy. Mau is confounding! Brian and I have our theories about that particular couple. Going to therapy is one of their little couple entertainments—our dear doctor is something like their fifth therapist! We just started season two and a new set of duos and their own particular duo culture. It’s fascinating!

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