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  1. Change is always unsettling for me too. We recently had to move horse and house when her stable closed. It turns out we found a much better place for her and ourselves! Sometimes change brings you to something that feels even better.

  2. There’s a country song that was popular a long time ago that had the line “sometimes God’s greatest gift is unanswered prayers”. I have watched you weather SO many things that have knocked the breath out of you and you’ve handled them with grace and been honest when sometimes things overwhelmed you-BUT you have always always always risen back up stronger and happier in the end. This is a speed bump, a big one to be sure, but I truly believe that because you are who you are, whatever is coming next is going to be amazing for you, Finn and the rest of your little family.

  3. Darling Alison,
    I hope that you and your lovely family find joy, peace and domestic bliss in wherever your new home may be.
    Thank you so much for your splendid blog, I utterly adore your style of writing and you feel like a kindred spirit.
    Caroline xxxx

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