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  1. Hi Alison, you just take care and I hope you are able to get the necessary scans before too long and get well on the path to recovery. Injuries like those are nasty and take time, so just behave and let Ste and Finn look after you as they are doing so admirably now. I am carrying on with the things you already left us and it is enough. There are times we just need to spend time recovering and you are there now. Be good to yourself, I will be here no matter how long it takes for you to recover and in the meantime know I am thinking of you all and wishing you the absolute best and fast healing. Hope that scan comes sooner rather than later my dear. Love and hugs to you, keep smiling in between the swear words and the pain. All will be well, it just takes time. Thanks for updating us ????

  2. Alison, my daughter met this same hospital challenge as you. She had a herniated disc, which took months before she could have surgery. One disc was broken and another suffering some minor damage. They sent her home with a hospital bed, in which she spent 2-3 weeks. Because of the pain meds, she became constipated and suffered to the point where she could not urinate either. So, her doctor sent her to emergency, where they fitted her with a Foley that she had for a week or more. She went back to have the Foley removed, but she still suffered constipation. A nurse understood the problem and had the Dr(?) prescribe what she needed for this problem. They sent her home to deal with this on her own. By now, she was staying at my house as her husband was working from home. However, when she came to Mama for help, she brought said husband, his work and her 3 dogs. I have two dogs myself. Do the math:it was a macabre circus nightmare, but love and toilet paper got us thru it!! Oh, and PS, the drugs made her crazy:; one minute happy and the next minute, her head was spinning 360 and spewing pea soup. Do you think I’m being dramatic?

  3. Oh crikey Alison! I’m so sorry you have incurred such an injury (sort of thing that happens to me, hypermobility creating a propensity for silly accidents that cause serious injury ?). But your sense of humour and writing style remain in fine form don’t you worry! I wish you pain free asap and hope the nhs can help pronto. Rest up, take care.
    Ps: I have discovered Better Things the tv series, if you need a box set to distract you, I think you would love it! Just saying…) xxx

  4. So sorry for the accident, dear Alison, and all it has brought to an already challenging corona-time life…tho’ you were getting everything so lovely and organized, and will get to keep on with it all again…soon. Hoping your home stays immaculate and cosy and you are surrounded by love. xo Lesley

  5. Alison, so sorry about your mishap. Although I must admit your light humor and writing made for an interesting read about the disaster. I do believe everything happens for a reason and perhaps it is to give Ste and Finn the chance to take care of you for a change. So do rest, heal and we will be here for you.

  6. So sorry to hear of your accident and injury Alison. You concentrate on getting better, we will all tick along nicely until you are well enough to come back fully.

  7. Good golly, how much longer is C-19 going to be used as an excuse to refuse proper treatment to people! Thank goodness for the Sgt Major and Finley. Take care of you.

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