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  1. You truly have such a way with words…like the thud of the book on your doormat! Thank you for the Forum clicky…and I must study up on the Housekeepers Auctions and see what us Americans could do to improve ourselves…

  2. Oh, I get it now…ebay! I haven't sold on there for awhile although I need to…what I have been doing is BUYING and most of my purchases have come from Ireland. Wonderful old lace and linen tablecloths, doilies, etc.

  3. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I always feel like I have won a prize when I see one of my sweet treasures on your American ebay Wish List!
    The "Sweet Dreams" pillow cases are to die for! I will kick myself for selling them but yikes…you should SEE my house! I could open a shop tomorrow….really, truly! I just can't seem to get ahead of all of it. Of course, that is because I buy another car full every weekend! I want to have a yummy, puttery home…but I am too busy trying to decorate YOURS!
    *xoxo* Thanks again and come see me soon! Wonderful treasures await!

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