Housekeepers Question Time!

By alison January 22, 2010 No Comments 2 Min Read
This being the kind of worry peturbing my little brain when I try to sleep, I thought it wise to get a consensus from you my lovely Housekeepers and thereafter make the decision to proceed armed with the wisdom of the home-making masses.
    My question you see is this: is it bad home-making practise to have just one type of tea-towel hanging around the kitchen? A kind of does it all affair, changed routinely after dinner on a daily basis, but put to use for whatever it is called for, whether that be drying dishes, wiping hands, mopping up spills, or rubbing babba’s faces? Or should the good housekeeper have two, or even three tea-towels on the go? A traditional one for drying dishes, a lightweight terry towelling affair for the drying of hands, and a linen one for glass and silverware?
      Is it filthy to run the one towel does it all system? Or does it strike of domestic paranoia to run the two/three towel system, shrieking in an un-godly manner should an unsuspecting soul dry a tea-cup with the hand-towel or vice versa and doubling or tripling your laundry load of household linen?
        How often do you change your tea-towels? Are you a one or two towel household? What kind of tea-towels do you prefer? Are you operating a kind of tea-towel heirarchy with one darling specimen decorating the kitchen but unavailable for daily use  while you keep another manky old version stashed under the skin, ready to whip out at a monents notice? Are you, my little puddle duck, a tea-towel snob??
          I was just wondering.

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