Housekeeper's Summer Holiday Planner

By Alison July 13, 2014 No Comments 1 Min Read

I am feeling a little frantic. Finn’s summer holidays have already begun and we have got seven and a half whole weeks to fill.
Seven and a half weeks! That’s nearly two months in which to fill my son’s days with activities that won’t melt his brain. Activities that do not include talking nonsense to friends on the X-Box of filming himself rolling over the sofa three hundred times to enchant his friends with on Snapchat.
Oh yes: while I am not adverse to a pyjama day or two each week, I draw the line at spending each and every day of the holidays with no plan at all in place and so today I have spent the afternoon creating and filling in a Summer Holiday plan in my Housekeepers Planner so the answer to that all too common question “what are we doing today” (usually shortly followed by, I don’t want to!!) can be pre-empted and both Finn and I are fully in the picture and able to take up kindly offers of playdates with friends and family when they arise.
And so my lovelies, please find my Summer Holiday planner attached and enjoy yourself planning your Summer Holidays too. Getting organised is what Sunday afternoons for don’t you know?
(P.S: I have attached the weekly activity planner pages to a clipboard and hung it in the kitchen so both Finn and I can look at the days and weeks ahead)
Download my Housekeepers Summer Holiday Planner here.  

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