HouseWives Booty!!

By Alison June 14, 2005 1 Comment 2 Min Read


Well, we had the loveliest weekend!

Look what I got!

There I was wandering around the usual Saturday morning car booty,  accumulating the usual collection of pressed glass and postcards, when there amongst a pile of motorbike magazines lay a teeny little pile of deliciously, wonderfully, scumptiously,  fabulous vintage magazines:

Five issues of "The Girls Own Paper and Womens Magazine" from 1917-1918.

Three issues of "Good HouseKeeping" from 1954/1955.

One issue of "Homes and Gardens" from 1959.

and the really rather wonderful copy of "Housewife" from 1949.

Alison Heaven!!

While I sat beaming in the car, Mark drove us to a lovely Victorian park in Southport, where we fed the ducks, wandered around the glasshouse and  ate ice creams in the aviary. It was boiling hot and all was right with the world…

Then we went home, Finley went for a sleep, Mark weeded our titchy front garden and I handwashed the gorgeous violet embroidered teacloths and white lace bunting I had bought at the sale…

Domestic Heaven!!

The next day we met Clare and Mark, and their four kids at Cedar Farm for their annual Midsummer festival. We  ate breakfast and brown sugar meringues (Divine!!), then wandered around the Festival stalls, bought some freshly baked, still warm from the oven, walnut bread,  watched the kids handpaint fabric, watched the two Marks (Clares and mine!) pathetic attempts at uni-cycling, watched a circus man eat fire, petted a goat, fed some chickens and ate bratwurst sausages in the rain.

It was lovely, and silly and wet and terribly English and we had the bestest time and I want to do it all over again next weekend please.

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  1. Alicat says:

    If you ever want a few old issues of the now retired Victoria magazine, shoot me an email. I'd be glad to hook you up. :O)

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