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  1. Yes, sweetie, I for one would be disappointed if you turned into one of those bloggers. I love your blogs just the way they are but do feel for you and wish we could both sit down with a Brown Betty full of tea and set the world to rights.

  2. Oh Alison, this is so timely. I don’t know how many afternoons I have spent watching a True Crime documentary while munching. I must try your cottage cheese with turmeric!

    I always admire how open and honest you are, but with a sprinkle of sugar and a bouquet of flowers

  3. Oh Alison, I love you I love you I love you. Sending you ALLLLL the hugs in the world and some for Ste as well (you know he and I share some demons). These things are all horrible and terrible, but they WILL pass-I promise you. I’ve been there and am out the other side of it now and life will be beautiful and glorious again.

  4. I would much rather have you than one of the pretty picture bloggers. You are real. You are me.
    I can relate to you. I can’t relate to the perfect picture of the perfect kitchen tableau, in the perfect house, with the perfect yard. Does this make any sense? Anywho – don’t change, you give us all hope.

  5. Wouldn’t we be disappointed, dear?!? Heavens yes! We love you in your jolly swan state and we love when all is crackers and polka dot storms! I just moved to a new house and can’t find the tea kettle. I can relate. I hope my kettle turns up and the Vladimir Putin minds. I just love the jolly news that Fin got in to university and is now messing about with pals in cars! How fun!

  6. We would be VERY disappointed indeed!! 😆 It is YOU we want to be regaling us with everyday antics, not some cookie cutter paper doll in her perfectly serene house! We know you understand us, commiserate with us, dance with us, putter with us and binge watch tv with us. It is EXACTLY this sisterhood that makes you and BrocanteHome such a delight and friend. Happy new week to you Dearest!!! 💞

    1. I’m a little behind this week (for I too have been wearing gasoline soaked panties running through the hectic flames of life), & just read Allison’s post. I must say, your comment is absolutely perfect. As I was reading it, I thought your words were exactly mine.

  7. Indeed, indeed, we come to be reassured that this too is normal and we are not the only one who feels this way! Thank goodness for you, telling it like it is, honestly, truly and with your wonderful, wry sense of humour. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all SHALL be well!

  8. Dearest Alison, don’t ever change! Your blog brings us so much joy. And yes, all manner of things shall be WELL. 💖

  9. Pray tell, what is this “normal” of which you speak? It is a foreign concept to me, and getting increasingly so! Anyway, why be normal when you can be fab-u-lous anyway! My cat thinks I’m round the twist anyway, judging by the expressions she pulls – I believe she’s studying me for a sociology paper to present to fellow cats about weird human rituals! At 58 yrs, I can recommend being a “50-something” and “ploughing your own furrow” in life. Best wishes from Ulverston , Cumbria – tomorrow I’ll be walking the first bit of the Cumbrian Way, which begins in Ulverston, rather than doing the housework I should be doing because I’m such a rebel now!

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