How Often Should A Good Hostess Serve Milk?

By Alison February 7, 2005 No Comments 1 Min Read


As often as she likes. Weekend visitors like it for breakfast.  Or when they come in from a walk. They like sharing it with with the children, in the evening at story time.

Neighbours like milk for elevenses. Guests welcome it on the lunch table. Everyone likes it with the TV snack.

How should a good hostess serve milk…?  In glass. In the sparkling glass tumblers and crystal jug of a milk set. Frosted by condensation, if possible. Creamy and cold the taste of milk is clean and good.

Why should a good hostess serve milk? Because it’s a hospitable and friendly drink. Because it’s so easy to serve. (No cooking. No pans and hardly any washing up.) Because it’s not expensive. Because it’s the most refreshing and nourishing drink there is, bar none.

Woman Magazine, 1958.

So now you know. If you come to my house that’s what you are getting: a glass of milk. Don’t say I never give you anything. 

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