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  1. Why after 15 years, do I still feel the despair, the frustration of not being successful and feeling that everything is always undone or half-done? Ugh!

  2. Happy to see you discovered the Persephone Books as mentioned in one of my previous comments.
    They are so delightful – the best however is: One Fine Day by Molly Panter-Downes, who happens to be my great aunt!

  3. This excerpt has me smiling. I agree whole-heartedly. I love home keeping, and those "meaningless grind" days really make me wonder if I'll ever get my mojo back. What a delight your website is!

  4. I am printing this and putting it on the wall of the utility room to prod me on those meaningless grind days.(I have, in true Brocante style, added a pretty border etc)
    It's all so true. Homemaking can give such rich rewards of personal achievement. It can also make you feel a complete failure at everything!
    Mind you, I've only been at it for 30 years or so!

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