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By Alison October 2, 2023 4 Comments 5 Min Read

If you have discovered Immersion 365 in The Library or in my Etsy store, then I know you will have questions about how to get the most out of it in YOUR life.

You see at first glance Immersion 365, my detailed daily to-do lists MAY seem hilariously prescriptive, suggesting as they do, over 24 to-do’s for each day, during which I am also expecting you to LIVE life too?!

I know. It seems a lot. But it really isn’t. Because I promise you that if you were to take pen to paper and note down all the little something you actually do in a day your list would be longer than 24. So why, pray tell, am I asking you to fiddle about with your schedule and squeeze yet more in? Because dear Housekeeper, you will find that once you start incorporating Immersion 365 into your day and allowing routines and rituals to dictate your life instead of trying to force them in-between the more general kerfuffle of a myriad of tasks you make up as you go along, you will discover that not only have you got LESS to do, but that over time, you attend to heart, home, body and soul instinctively and life starts to feel easier.

BUT there are rules!

Yup. I love a good rule. They keep my natural chaos and tendency towards overwhelm at bay, and it should be hereby noted that a person free from overwhelming chaos is a person more likely to be getting stuff done, amiright?

I love a good rule but rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? And a rigid woman is not a woman squeezing the most joy out of this life, so the first thing I want you to know is that you don’t have to DO EVERYTHING!

You see I want you to think of each weekly page of Immersion 365 as a working document. Something you take a pen to and cross things out on! I want you to re-imagine it in the blank version I include with each month, printing out a blank copy for each week and re-writing YOUR week in your own image, only INSPIRED by mine, because my life is almost certainly not the same as yours, and what feels natural and ebby and flowy to me might seem downright blooming ludicrous to you. I know that.

So what follows is a few pointers for using Immersion 365 to create and optimise your own routines and rituals.

  1. Start by crossing off anything at all that doesn’t need doing in any given week, in your house.
  2. Then use a highlighter to mark anything on the list that you can delegate and where relevant, print off another blank 365 page to issue to-do lists to those willing to help, with their allocated and timetabled tasks.
  3. On your own blank to-do list, next fill in all that you know needs doing in your house, and then use my prompts to fill in the gaps according to how much time you have.
  4. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do specific tasks: what matters is that you reflect the rhythm of the the routines and rituals described. So where I may have described a self-care task that doesn’t appeal to you, you should replace it with another body or soul nurturing task in the same vein.
  5. Also be sure to stick to as many of the seasonal to-do’s as possible (ie Christmas focused tasks) so that you don’t fall behind throughout the year and seasonal domestic issues don’t take you by surprise.
  6. As much as possible, avoid being a slave to Immersion 365, instead allowing it to provide gentle pointers to domestic variety (no day is ever the same, so you don’t die of boredom by repetition!) and rituals that enhance and celebrate daily life.
  7. If you live alone and the family orientated tasks don’t apply to you, re-invent them so they are singular routines and rituals you layer in loveliness week-by-week and over time come to anticipate with delight.
  8. Occasionally some of the to-do’s may seem trivial (sitting down to actively choose future box sets/books for example) but over time you will save time by having a library of things YOU want to do, instead of going a-hunting anew whenever you find yourself with time on your hands.
  9. Remember too, that it is fine to batch tasks: so if you find yourself doing ALL the laundry in one day, just cross off all related laundry tasks mentioned across the week and give yourself a round of applause!
  10. And finally, if a week goes by and life gets in the way, don’t berate yourself. Immersion 365 is not a test of your housekeeping metal, it is simply designed to keep you on track. so should life happen, study the missing week and transfer the outstanding tasks you want to do, to the new week and CARRY ON.

I may create Immersion 365 but it is YOURS to personalise and I really do encourage you to personalise it to your hearts content: for my intention is to help you both VISUALISE your week and in the process to remind you that we lead fuller lives when we seek daily domestic variety and attend in equal measure to heart, home, body and soul.

Make it yours and reap the benefits!


  1. lesley says:

    Thank you, Alison! This was helpful. xo

    1. Alison says:

      I’m so glad Lesley. I want it to be useful.x

  2. Debra Bryant says:

    oh my I am having some difficulty signing in. I believe I am a lifetime member.
    Would I have different sign in credentials for different areas of your content.
    Do I have access to Brocante Home and mykajabi under same login?
    I am getting you do not have access to and cannot find your email address.
    Please help.
    Debbie Bryant

    1. Alison says:

      Hi Debbie, yes you have to create a new login for the site and your Kajabi login remains the same until it is all integrated. So click sign up, not sign in for the site and carry on logging in as normal for the Library.x

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