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  1. I love this post, esp. as I sit and see our flat surfaces covered in yellow/green pollen—a result of having the windows open.

    1. Oooh Melissa I seem to have kidnapped your comment. I have no idea how, but thank you as always for commenting.xx

  2. So that's why we haven't heard from you in days! I am so happy that things have been going so well and that you and your cozy cottage have fared so well of late. It's about time, I'd say! Sounds lovely. I'd like to set my own home to rights as you have, one day at a time. It just seems that what I've accomplished one day will be hard to notice 2 days later. Ah, that's the way of it. I'm thrilled to see these things through your eyes and wish you many more days of celebrating your home and those in it. Amanda

  3. As we are just beginning to get contractors in to place bids for a complete overhaul, I am (as the lady who just moved in) trying to be patient about waiting for niceness… It will be worth every muddy footprint and daily sweeping of old paint chippings and dirt to see the new windows and lovely replacement stucco. Hooray!
    It's so nice when everything old is new again.
    My recent post My Pleasure In Creases

  4. Hi Alison, Should I have received the part three of the Art of Homemaking yet, if so I haven't got it yet. I sent you a message a few days ago and haven't heard from you, can you please let me know, bye for now.

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