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  1. My hubby and i began the process of selling our current tiny house to buy a new larger house at the beginning of the summer. With that came a huge purge of unwanted and unloved things. Unfortunately, he purged about 15 buckets which we will need to transport our very large goldfish tank and my 2 pet turtles. Now we are coming down to the wire and a moving date is on the horizon. Guess who must go purchase 15 new buckets from the hardware store? Men and buckets, indeed!

  2. Wendy said if it is pink or floral it would be safe in her house. Not so at my house, at least not tools. I bought myself pink tools or painted what I had pink and it was not a deterrent at all. I have the same problem with buckets as you. I have never had the same bucket for more than 3 weeks and some buckets have disappeared before I got to use them once!! Good luck to you and your new bucket, I’ve all but given up!

  3. About 30 years ago I bought my father 10 plastic buckets fir his birthday. I think he thought I was mad. However, within 6 months, there was not a bucket to be found. What do they do with them? It is a mystery as big as odd socks.

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