I Love My PostMan.

By alison December 3, 2005 1 Comment 3 Min Read


His name is Steven. He must be one hundred and ten. He smiles a lot. Even when no-one is looking. He’s that lovely.

This morning, I love him more than most mornings, because this morning he knocked on my door and handed me an armful of pretties, without a single brown envelope or piece of junkmail. I nearly kissed him.

The man could not have known that I am supposed to be in the midst of a marathon cleaning session, when he handed me these lovely packages, now could he? He could not have known that I have the willpower of a demented kitten when I am given the choice between cleaning the oven and settling down with a pot of tea and a pile of lovely letters, books, and vintage pretties. Bless dear Steven, it is not his fault I will use any excuse to get out of house-work…

So what abundant delights did he deliver this morning?

*A lovely "Kates Paperie" card from Wendy in Scotland (Thank you Sweetie!)

* A copy of "How To Run Your Home Without Help" , I ordered myself from Persephone (Oh do buy from them, if only to recieve their scumptiously vintage catalogue!)

* A surprise copy of the audio version of "Mrs Sharps Traditions" from Germany. (From who, I have no idea, but it is delightful all the same, so thank you!)

* An envelope full of crocheted doillies from one of my polka dottas in America. (Alison Heaven: so thank you, thank you, thank you!)

*And finally, three early Christmas Cards, my Writers magazine, and  a long and lovely letter from a subscriber in Australia, including some scrumptious family picture’s, and a long length of pink and white starry ribbon…

Scrumptiousness galore!

Now my regular readers will know that my problems with the post are legendary. How is it possible that I haven’t had any mail for three days, and then all this in one morning? Is it a coincidence, or has dear lovely Steven being storing up a handful of treats to persuade me that there is more to life than scrubbing my kitchen floor???

Oh that snuggle night, may hurry up and arrive, so I can throw off my pinny and collapse in a heap with my lovely surprises, a good bottle of wine and a take-away Chinese…

Life is just too delicious somedays isn’t it?

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  1. Gina C. says:

    YUM–sounds like a perfect night!

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