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  1. Well, I never read this first time round..maybe I should have done. Sadly, it was pretty much describing my marriage, and certainly the ex's view of life.
    Still, I remain convinced that, somewhere out there, there is/are men who don't subscribe to this viewpoint. Really. I do. Honestly.;-)

  2. Mmm, a bit grim! I have been a wife for almost 24 years and in that time I supported my husband to study while I was the full time bread-winner and now he is doing the same for me. However, we were both very clear that we did not want children and that was a key factor in us both being in a position to fully support each other. I think the introduction of children changes everything and it is so often the case that the woman has to relinquish much and give even more. Life can be so much harder for women especially Mums but sadly I can't see that changing any time soon.

      1. Because we have no way of knowing who the men we marry will be as husbands, and who we will be as wives? Because people change? Because we aren't the foolish girls we were, but stronger women willing to sacrifice a relationship for that which provides peace where there is none to be found…

  3. Oops, no disrespect meant at all to previous poster Leslie–I'm sure things were different going in to the relationship. Didn't meant to step on any toes.

  4. Ah yes, well…there is a whole new generation of young adult women, well educated by the age of 25, in my country, like my daughter..who will not be a wife….These women are seriously living their life in comfort, but hard working, creating this whole new social group within our economy.
    I live in The Netherlands
    I love your post
    I love your website, put it up on my blog
    Bless you
    Lieve groeten
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  5. Interesting article. Of course, some men were and are like this. (Alot of women now, are all about themselves too.)
    With the "woman power" in the Western world today, women like to think that they are changing all this, and they are – to a point.
    At the same time, women aren't really all that better off. They just have TWO FULL-TIME jobs now, trying to work and raise children. Our children (as a group) have suffered for this…. Sorry, but that's just the reality.
    Personally, I think we really need to think about what true equality looks like. Women are not exactly like men. They do play a different roles biologically in some way. We are in denial about this fact.
    I see alot of selfish women (all focused on their "career", and alot of "modern" men loving the fact that the woman now has to "bring home the bacon", so they as men don't have to work too hard – and they think that childrearing and homemaking is unimportant.
    Sorry, but eitherway, I think we have been duped.

  6. Ah…I remember when I got a job as a stockbroker. I thought it was my big break at last! But as my performance slowly tanked, to my complete horror and embarrassment, I began to look around the room at this male dominated industry. Gues what they had that I didn't? Wives! Who took care of their every need so all they had to do was focus on making the moolah. Me, a single mother of two, I just couldn't keep up and so lost the job, but not without the lesson. It is an unfortunately reality still and everyone–wife, husband, and especially children suffer for it.

  7. Who'd be a wife? I would say most likely that "generation of women who have embraced homemaking as a way of life."
    I think it's time we put away the '70s feminist use of the term "wife" as equating to maid.
    It's funny though today we have househusbands and feminists think they are just about perfect. Hypocrisy?

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