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  1. Oh, Alison! You tickle me so! I can relate to so much of what you say. I just copied the puttery treats and can't wait til this afternoon when I sit down to really absorb your wisdom and whimsy. I I have been working in my veggie garden and have more to plant today. We are still getting frosts so only a few cold-hardy things can be planted as yet but I love the promise of new life and good eating!. I can hear the birds outside my window and it is music to my ears. I am going to town today to find a beautiful, hopefully fragrant, plant to put right in the middle of my kitchen table for all to see and for me to inhale. Have a puttery-sweet day. Love, Amanda

  2. Do they put breadcrumbs in sausages in Britain? Or is it the casings that are based on wheat starch?
    There's a new product out for gluten free bakers called Expandex. Sounds rather like corset material, doesn't it? It's a modified tapioca startch. Promises more lift than xanthan or gaur gums by themselves. Looking forward to using it in pizza crust and beignets.

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