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  1. LOVE this post, and totally identify with the need to be at home, and the madness of going out two nights in a row. I'm that way about being at home during the day as well, and have 2 days I have things to do away from home. What's up with that?!!
    And, also enjoyed hearing the band members talk. Dishy. 🙂

    1. Aren't they just Melissa…?
      You know there is a big part of me that truly wishes I wasn't like this: there is a great big world outside our front door… and yet, and yet, and yet, adventure or handsome men be damned, home is where the heart and home seems to be where ours prefers to stay!

  2. Jeremy Paxman??? Holy Jesus woman!! must you air your guilty pleasures here!!! get yourself out and have fun,I have a whole repertoire of hangover cures should you need them tomorrow!xxx

    1. Good morning Gena. Tis the morning after the night before. I need your too much fun cures please…

      1. Oh Deary me! I have just got in from work and read this! by now you will have probably spent the day tired and headachey and I fear my advice cometh too late! the only thing to do now is have an early night with a huge glass of water,but for the next time,my best tip is,if you are capable when you arrive home after a fun filled evening,drink a pint of dioralyte,it replaces all the salts and sugars you have just depleted your body of apparently.Sounds like a good night was had then? xx

        1. It was brilliant, and yep the hangover kicked in good and proper only to carry me through a second rather more hellish night on the tiles on Friday night!
          Hopping out to get me some dioralyte. Thank you Honey Pie!x

  3. If my house were a man it would be co-dependent relationship. The kind where I cling to him and spend way more time with him than I should. But I don't treat him as well as I should (he needs some love in the tidying department), I just cling to him because he feels safer than letting go. Geez, now that sounds awful. And really it isn't that awful. It's just that I work from home, and I read and I write and watch movies and fold laundry. And I don't see living breathing humans as much as I should. So maybe I should go to an album release party! Hope you had fun.

  4. If my house was a man it would be Hugh Laurie. A little rough around the edges but oozing English charm. So so wrong but so so right!
    Hope you enjoyed your swanky night out =]

  5. Oh crikey, we all need to FORCE ourselves out of our comfort zones every now and again!!! An ACTUAL album launch party too – too fab for words!!!! And who wants to behave themselves anyway???!!! Tee hee. I always manage to somehow make THE worst faux pas' wherever I go, totally without any knowledge or malice (ask me one day about the guy with the prosthetic leg……..oh dear oh dear, I still shudder…) I have become legendary, but somehow I still get taken out in public! So I'm sure Richard is proud as punch to be out with you, silly worry wort that you are! So……… was it???? They are pretty good – what a fab voice the singer has, and he's not too ugly either! Couldn't help giggling at some of the lyrics, which may have posed a problem had it been ME trying to behave and 'play it cool Rodney' at the party……. think I may have had to explore the motivation behind the 'rubber' line with the writer of the song…..!!xx

  6. It is such a blessing to have a home that offers all the comfort you need. But, oh my, that idea about 'if your home was a man who would it be?' has had me thinking! Let's see now – mine has obviously seen quite a lot of living and now matter how grand the occasion and the effort involved, never quite scrubs up to be slick and stylish … ….. who? Bob Geldof, probably.

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