In Case of Emergency

By Alison February 21, 2024 No Comments 3 Min Read

Somewhere between his Dad and myself (obvs: his dad), Finley’s passport has gone missing. I think I told Mark to look after it a while ago because he was more likely to leave the country than me with Finn in tow, and he says that he said no and that I popped it away in an imaginary drawer. And so we have reached an impasse of the kind that Mark and I, being who we are will simply never speak of again unless reminded and one or other of us will cajole Finley into ordering a replacement and he shall forever after wander about shaking his head at the mutual chaos of his estranged parents and Mark and I will have frequent mini spats about the matter whenever it is brought up, and then consider it over and make a cup of tea, while I shall obviously go on believing that his wife Hannah will one day decide to turn the house out and lo and behold, there shall be the probably now expired passport and I shall gloat. Oh yes, make no mistake I shall GLOAT. With GLEE.

Anyways, all this to say that it struck me that my attitude to important things can be a little hit and miss and that frankly when it comes to things that matter I do not know my proverbial bottom from my elbow and attending to dull stuff like passports and birth certificates and insurance documents and funeral bits and bobs none of us really like to thing of, should be a priority in my ongoing efforts to bring chaos to order.

So I ordered one of these: a fireproof , lockable affair to keep important papers safe in the chaos of calamity and then I set about creating a happy new Brocante Printable called In Case of Emergency, and went on to lose a whole day filling it in and feeling horribly smug (not a good look on me really) because all the niggly things I keep in my head and in overstuffed piles, are now recorded for disaster and posterity and all shall be well even if it is not.

And then I rang Finn and told him his passport is DEFINITELY in his Dad’s house because I have looked in every imaginary drawer I own, and I had an extra-curricular coffee in celebration and should you too want to experience what it is to know all your passwords are duly noted and anyone happening across you covered in boils will be able to establish that you are in fact allergic to chocolate eclairs, then you can hop over to the Library if you are a member and grab a copy for yourself, or find it for sale on Etsy for just $5.00 this week.

Now all I have to do is make sure that I don’t forget the code on the lock on my smug little safety box, for its all very well being organised but a person must not fall at the final hurdle and create more chaos in her wake because estranged Fathers of beautiful boys are also given to gloating and offering them opportunity to smirk is never a wise move. Bless his ridiculous cotton socks.

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