In Praise Of Slow…

By alison November 6, 2005 2 Comments 1 Min Read


Peace and  a Pomegranate.
Oh joy. I have spent the last hour curled up in a ball in bed with Finley, eating the seeds of a pomegranate with a sterilised needle the way my mum used to do, watching Madeline on the T.V and wishing life was made up of slow, lazy, cosy Sunday afternoons with my babba..

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  1. ms*robyn says:

    watch out that you don't swallow that needle. yikes ! that sounds dangerous

  2. persephone says:

    How sweet… But pomegranate eating in bed… Isn't that dangerous (in the messy way)? By the way, the pics on your last few posts don't seem to be working. 🙁

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