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  1. You have certainly never disappointed me. I found you by luck through downloading one of your books at Amazon and have never looked back. I’m so sorry you have been so troubled for so long but it is good to hear the you now feel that you are coming out of the long black tunnelling found yourself in.

  2. You’ve never ever disappointed me. Well, only in the sense that you live on another continent and we can’t be friends in real life 🙂 You’ve ALWAYS inspired me, made me laugh, taught me more about who I wanted to be and shown me beautiful ways to make my every day life sweeter. Darling, you’ve never really changed, you’ve always stayed gorgeous, sweet, funny and every optimistic Alison May.

  3. You are one of the strongest most inspirational and beautiful souls I know Alison,you could never disappoint,I hope you are feeling better very soon xx

  4. Dear , dear Alison – never a disappointment, always a delight. You are an inspirational and truly fabulous woman and your insightful, inspired writing is a source of great joy and pleasure to me. Take care of yourself. xxx

  5. Stay strong. Remember everything is okay right this moment and everything will be okay tomorrow. It’s only our reactions to things that we can control. Much love and light from the USA.

  6. I would be devastated if I could no longer have a glimpse into your life. You and your books and routines have gotten me through many a dreary patch. You can’t know how much ripple effect you have if you don’t get a comment posted, but I’m sure I speak for many who feel the same way I do. Keep going…you will get there. So many of us are rooting for you! You are surrounded in love.

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