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  1. Oh Alison. So sorry about your friend’s partner, and Richard’s dad, and all those around and loving both of them.
    You’re absolutely right but I think we can’t be mindful all of the time. Being present may be important, but so is dreaming and thinking of the future. You need ambition and frustration to create. It’s finding the balance that I’ve yet to manage… Don’t be too hard on yourself – that’s what I’m trying to say, I hope I’m not being patronising.
    Anyway, love x

  2. Dear Alison, My heart bleeds with you. My mother took two long weeks to die after a major stroke last winter. It was slow and every tiny wrench to our hearts was magnified as she slipped away into unconsiousness and helplessness until she and we stopped fighting what was happening and started to pray for a quicker end. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Richard. If the prognosis is as bad as my mothers was, be blessed in that you have time to say all you need to say now. Gill.

  3. I often still think of myself as a child in a 37 year old body. It horrifies me when I realize my daughter has just started high school and next year my son will be going to middle school. How can I expect my daughter to be a grown up in 4 years, when I myself at most times still feel like a child. How do these people who seem so aged get to be so? I know that if push comes to shove I am capable of handling anything that comes my way, but I don’t want to. I want my life to be a perfect little bubble, like it seemed to be when I was a child-although I never appreciated it as much as I should have. Then I think about what it will be like when I’m older and how I probably don’t appreciate what I have now. My kids will be gone having their own lives. My son won’t be here to snuggle with me anymore. My kids won’t need me to make their meals and do their laundry and help them with their homework. What will become of me then? I sometimes wish I could stop time so they would never leave me-yes, I know that is incredibly selfish. They are not here for me, they are here for their own lives.
    Life is so hard and confusing sometimes. I am sorry about Richard’s father and your friend’s partner. I wish you all the best Alison-you deserve it.

  4. your openness and honesty never fail to touch me.
    and the way you live life with beauty,love and grace-
    no matter what is happening in your life.
    we are all scared sometimes;
    i'm always so relieved to realize i'm not the only one.

  5. Im delighted to hear you say that you still feel like a little girl. Sometimes I wish I could leave my hubby and boys for a while and go back to being looked after by my mummy and daddy. My sister and her kids live with them and I do get jealous of them. I couldnt think of anything nicer than to lie in bed on a saturday morning listening to mum vacuming away and having not a care in the world.

  6. The best parent is one who teaches their fledgings how to fly. To be confident without you at their side. My "baby" will be 46 on Wed. and he is a treasure. Do not fear old age and death. They are a perfectly normal part of life.

  7. Alison, you really could be writing for me at the moment!
    I feel so guilty for living in the future and not appreciating the here and now, but have come to realise there is nothing wrong in having ambitions and wanting to move your life onwards. Better that than to lack direction and have an empty head.
    Your writing just keeps getting better and I love to hear anything you have to say, suggest and recommend. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing x x x

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