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  1. The perfect way to spend a birthday! Jamie's Italian is my absolute favourite place to eat (we have one based in part of the stunningly beautiful old Guild Hall in Cambridge). They know us so well now too that my gluten intollerance isn't an issue and they advise me without prompt what I should or shouldn't order, which as you know, totally makes the difference between a tense meal and a wonderfully relaxed one! I actually make 'mmmmm' noises when eating the Veg anti-pasta plank – the flavours are so fresh and gorgeous! And the atmosphere is SO conducive to naughtiness and giggles and birthday FUN!!! I think nearly 40 birthdays should have their celebrations dragged out for as long as possible….. a celebration a week maybe?! I've only got two more years in my 30's myself – aaargh! Doesn't seem real until you say it out loud! Great photos too to treasure forever.
    Happy Birthday! xxxx

  2. Happy birthday, Alison! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your special celebration. Your blog makes me so happy.

  3. Happy birthday, Alison! I rarely comment on any blogs, but wanted to wish you all the best, and tell you how much I enjoy visiting here. Cheers!

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