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  1. This was a lovely story beautifully observed and written. It brought tears to my eyes. I am nowhere near the age of Jimmy and Joan, but would agree with them: make to most of what time you have. Now I know that may seem maudlin, but I kind of miss my little boys (now 25 & 27) though I love my young men.
    We don’t listen to the wisdom of very old people enough; they are just like you and me, but have simply been around a bit longer!

  2. Time goes by way too fast. My daughter is almost 40 and I recall being that that age as if yesterday not 20 yrs ago. Gulp ! What do you do though ? I fill my days always busy but time flies…

  3. I love seeing old couples who have been together for decades and still adore each other. I loved your description of Jimmy holding Joan’s hand and touching the small of her back.

  4. Not shocking, but every day I meet people who are fascinated by what I do and how I live. The desire to travel is there, but fears and excuses usually prevent people from doing it. I understand that few people can drop what they are doing and travel around the world for three years, but traveling overseas for even a few months is within the realm of possibility for many people at some point in their lives. Even on an island in the middle of the Pacific, people who would probably never leave their home island talked to me of wishing they could see New York or London for themselves one day. I think the desire to explore and see new things is fundamental to the human experience.

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