Junk Gypsies In Space.

By Alison June 9, 2006 4 Comments 1 Min Read


Go say hello to the Junk Gypsies  on their MySpace page, if only because they are so truly, madly, deeply, wildly wonderful that kudos must be reigned upon them…

No Gut’s, No Glory (Fight For That Which You Love) is a motto we should all live by…

Buy the T-shirt. Scrawl it on your hand, tattoo it on your heart, or have it painted over your bed…

Live your dreams. I dare you…

Actually come to think of it, I dare me too…


  1. Fortiesbaby says:

    Alison..every day, in every way, you're getting better and better.
    I dare you to live your dreams..!
    You go girl..!

  2. gena says:

    fab site! am def having the tee shirt!

  3. Kristy says:

    I like the 'Love to live and live to love' motto.Thanks for the link -again 🙂

  4. maryann says:

    Yes, go Alison, go!!!! Live your dreams!!

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