Junk Gypsy Makeover…

By Alison December 5, 2005 No Comments 1 Min Read


Fortune.Com has got a fascinating analysis of the scrumptiously, divinely delicious, can’t love it enough Gypysville: fascinating mostly because it is just so inspirational to see a small precious business growing like this one without harnessing it’s ambition, compromising it’s values, or sacrificing it’s authenticity, and it is interesting to hear traditional business values applied to a company oozing with spirit and to hell with it attitude…

While I’ve never been one for listening to men in suits, there comes a point, when you need a whole new map, because the old, get there by hook or by crook attitude only takes you the long way round: but with a mantra like "Resist much, Obey little" I think we can be certain that this gorgeous company isn’t about to sell it’s soul to Kmart…

Go buy yourself  an "In Junk We Trust "  vest, or a to die for "Rhinestone Cross Neckace", shake thing’s up a little and support a company run by women with strength, vision and fabulous gutsy taste.

No guts, no glory is right.

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