Just A Housewife?

By Alison September 12, 2008 2 Min Read



Well it’s a little early to mention Christmas anything, but I just had to share this with you…

"You may not see anything unusual about the Christmas cookies n this picture. But they were made by a most remarkable woman.

Who is this woman? If you asked her occupation, she’d probably reply, "Oh, I’m just a housewife."

Just a housewife?

It is true there are times when she feels married to the broom and mop, the dustcloth and the dishrag. But her career is the most important one a woman can choose.

She combines the skills of 15 to 20 trades and agents. She is purchasing agent and nurse, spiritual advisor and seamstress, interior decorator and teacher, carpenter- and keeper of the cookie jar. And make no mistake about this she knows how to be a glamour girl too.

Her job is to keep her family well fed and patched and clean behind the years. Her ambition is to build good citizens- to make them happy and comfortable and proud of the way they live…eager to bring their frends home to her.

Her working day often begins before dawn and may last right up until edtime – seven days a week. Her pay? The pay she values most is the appreciation of her family.

Now at Christmas time, let our own warmest words of appreciation go out to this remarkable woman.

Who is she?

If you are a homemaker, you know her well. Her name is yours."

General Mills Ad, Life Magazine, 1948.

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