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  1. I would love to win this as a gift for a lovely friend of mine who is always making beautiful handmade items. Thank you and Happy Thursday!

  2. I would love to receive this utterly gorgeous book. I'm teaching myself to sew at the moment and would love to flick through the pages of this 'bible' and gain some inspiration to create something beautiful 🙂

    1. I think that is hat it is Victoria… they are full of promise! Thank you for summing it up for me so eloquently…x

  3. I would SO love to get this book. I've been following Amy's blog…waiting patiently for publication. Thanks for having a drawing! Smiles, Sally sjhackney(at)yahoo(dot)com

  4. Well Hello there! Its a beautiful sunshiny day here in Norway too; and yes, Thursdays are great aren't they! I love vintage notions…so please enter me. Gill 🙂

  5. Thursday is the day I have my 21 mth grandson all day. I would appreciate a good book to dip into while he takes one of his rare naps.
    I have followed you from day one. No – one could be a bigger fan.
    Please enter me X

  6. I love your website and would really love to win Vintage Notions.
    I hope I am able to enter the draw as I live in the Land of the Pyramids, and not the US of A !! ??

  7. I love your website and would love to win Vintage Notions. Please enter me in the contest…just because it's Thursday! Thanks.

  8. Love all things vintage and collect books about everything. This would make a great Christmas present for my Mom!
    Have a great day.

  9. Hi Allison, you are the best. I love your website and I would sooooo love to be enter in the contest.
    xoxo's Teresa

  10. getting ready to move into my log cabin we renovated and would love to read that book this winter next to my fireplace. love your website.

  11. My heart skipped a little beat of joy when it sees your website. It bring joy and laughter to my small world. Keep up your little bit of scrumptiousness. xxx

  12. Winning this book would be wonderful! (how's that for alliteration) Thursdays are good days – the weekend is almost here, but there's still time to be productive and cross a few more things off the idealistic Monday list.

  13. Hmmn, I don't see my first comment got through, but here I am again, just in case. I would love to win this book! By the way, have you any details about the lovely picture in this post? Gill.

  14. I look foward to your posts each time I open my emails and have only recently found the wonders of "vintage"! I would love to win the lovely book! Now, I might just try you in French…..

  15. I love your site! I don't get around to commenting as much as I should…I will do better from now on. I have no idea how to do any of that so it will be fun to learn. 🙂

  16. I think of you as a younger friend of mine, always check in everyday to see how things are and what you are upto, also sometimes for a little inspiration and uplift. I have great hopes for your new(ish) love, basically I wish you well, you're lovely!

  17. I love books and I am a dressmaker too so this book looks adorable and very useful in the home, yes please add me in the draw, best of luck to everyone, the winner will be very happy! Bye for now. ~smiles~

  18. Of course we love you darling…you make us laugh, you encourage us and best of all you share so much of yourself and your life that you feel like family! The book looks wonderful…good luck to all including me!! Have a great evening!

  19. What a lovely book! Thanks for the opportunity. P.S. I am so enjoying the weekly Trash or Treasure It cleaning tips and ideas.

  20. I'd love to win the book! I am looking forward to the Christmas Countdown once again–it kept me so organized and prepared last year! 😉

  21. Alison, I am so glad that a dear friend sent me your site. I have found a truly kindred spirit & love knowing that I am not alone that there is a whole group of people who strive to have the peaceful, harmony & love the "OLD" ways as much as I do

  22. Hi Alison….love your blog! Your ramblings and pictures make me smile or atleast cheer up a bit even on the gloomiest day!! I have tried several of puttery things and believe me…………will die atleast 50% satisfied soul!!!

  23. I love your site. I take regular peeks! and absolutly love the puttery posts. Keep it going it is truly "Scrumptious"

  24. Goody goody gum drops! Heaven knows I need some vintage goodness today because my 'puter has frozen for the 2nd day in a row trying to edit a video. "Oh, merciful heavens! Send some vintage love now!". And there you were.

  25. This is inspiration for all those Christmas pressies I'm starting on! Me and my gals are V excited to have a peek inside and crack through our stash of fabric! x

  26. I dream of afternoons when I have time to sit and sew…really sew, embroider tablecloths and napkins, make pillowslips and aprons just for the fun of it. This book may be the inspiration I just need!

  27. What a lovely book,just my sort of thing ! I have loved the blog since it first started,please keep going in the same way.

  28. Wow , this looks fantastic , and I am sure it will be . We , modern woman need a lot of inspiration about the vintage times on how to be a good housekeepers , and I think this book will be a real school for us ,we shouldn´t let go the love for the home , it belong to us , we need to back to the basics and introduce more vintage style in our lives !!!
    I am so happy to know the book is here

  29. Oh yes please! I'd Love to win this book, plus I do love you the bestest 🙂 Your blog always has the things I love first, the ebay goodies, the books, the films, the wonderful downloads etc. you have led me to lots of happiness over the years and I for one appreciate your hard work! XOX from Di

  30. Good morning Alison! It tickled me to see that you're having a giveaway to the person who loves you best, however anyone (loving you or not!) can enter. I just want to say up front that I do love you!!! I check daily, multiple times a day, for a post from you or if the daily puttery post is in my inbox yet or any other notice! And while I enjoy everything about your blog, etc (adore the red polka dots!) I thoroughly enjoy seeing Finley in the videos, where he's dancing in his seat with his lollipop and other pics of him – that mop of curls is just too cute for words!! And when your tell on yourself of some calamity or another, I just roll! A good belly laugh is always in order! You are such a dear part of my life – keep up the good work, please!

  31. Dearest! How you make my day a bit better, just by posting things to read with a cup of tea just before bedtime. It makes me want to come home, finish all the got-to-dos and get around to reading your blog, just as it makes me wake up every morning with a simmering notion that yesterday was a good day, and today is looking just as bright.

  32. Hi Alison,
    Thanks to all your words of wisdom, I am able to get through my day with a little motivation. You also, thanks to some pretty awesome links from you, have more passion than ever for anything vintage! I really do think I was born in the your year! Anyway Im putting an action plan together so that my dream of opening my vintage cafe can become a reality! Im super excited and motivated all thanks to you!
    Thanks Muchly

  33. Alison,
    I love the new tool bar! Is it really Christmas time already!?! I can't wait to get all my holiday duckies in a row with your Countdown!
    cheers, Amy

  34. It is always a delight to come & visit you in your BrocanteHome, Alison. Thank you for a chance to win a giveaway drawing with a neat prize. Love the new Housewives Gallery.

  35. Hi Alison, LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I so look forward to reading it! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration and the laughs that sometimes go along with it!

  36. Just discovered your blog, although your name sounds familiar. I would LOVE to win Amy's new book. And…I am adding your blog to my "favorites".

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