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  1. So right! Those sentiments are so true, being selfless is something that more people should be, but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself at the same time 🙂
    I love BrocanteHome, by the way! Thanks for your wonderfully peaceful, vintage websites.

  2. I never found one of the 'perfect' mommy play goups that comforting or enjoyable…to be honest…PERFECTLY HONEST.
    Secretly, I dreamed of a safe mommy haven we could check our children into while us mommies could let it all hang out…drink Margharita's and drop a four letter word or two while doing so…and laughing!
    Alison….your mighty words have certianly struck home as I sit here….just sitting…as not MamaWiskas but as Lynette the individual….Not the wife…not the Mommy…not the vintage Guru…not the everything everybody loves.
    But to this I must confess…..I have focused on myself hardly enough. I have short-changed myself…a little.
    I have deprived myself of the fuel that has empowered me for 35 years….and have only now realised I have been running on empty for far too long.
    Somehow I seem to have traded the joy of being a mother and the delight of what I do professionally for the benefits of what I need personally and they are not the same.
    Equally as rewarding but not the same at all.
    And now comes the tough part…undoing what has been done. Rethinking…relearning…remembering…
    Today I sign MY manifesto…
    1.To take brain sorting walks regularly.
    2.To walk away from the computer for myself..not just my family regularly.
    3.To make a point to meet with an old friend regularly. 4.To eat breakfast regularly.
    5.To get my eyebrows waxed regularly.
    To make sure I am dressed as well as my children.
    6.To make my serenity garden just the way I want it and get up early in the morning before all rise….to enjoy it by myself.
    7.To Journal every single day no matter how matter how late.
    8.To remember to buy myself candles…even if I am tired of shopping for groceries…children's shoes…or whatever else the LONG list entails.
    9.To read this manifesto every day and affirm my commitment.
    10.To remember I cannot be what I am without myself..and I cannot be my best for my family without making some changes.
    11.To greet each day with new vigor and strength that I did not think I could muster the day before.
    Because Mommy is slowly finding her way back to the woman she once knew.
    Thank You Alison!

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