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  1. So sorry to hear your computer exploded.
    It's fun to read what you did on your little vacation though !!! I hope it will be possible for you to replace your computer. Sending lots of luck you way !!!

  2. I Hope you are able to work everything out with the computer!
    I am totally dependent on it, and can`t imagine one day without it. Soon i am going away 4 weeks on holiday to Norway..wonder what i am going to do. Borrow the nearest one i think..uh…sending lots of luck!!

  3. …wait a minute. I'm writing all this down, especially the part about the chutes and ladders…
    Okay. Phew! Glad you warned me.
    Good luck with the 'puter!

  4. Missed you while you were gone. I have become addicted to checking out your blog every day! That is a real shame about your computer letting you down. How we come to depend on those things. Good luck solving the problem.

  5. Alison, I don't know if there's anything like this in the UK, but in parts of the States they have what are called "freecycling" groups; you can either trade something that another person wants for something of theirs that you want (in your case, a computer), or you can match up with someone who just wants to unload a good computer (for free) to get the latest model instead. Maybe you can google the term to see if there's anything like that in your general area.

  6. Oh so sorry to hear that you are having computer troubles.
    And if I had your address, I would send hand written letters to you, meantime. I've done that in the past… On a mailing list when someone lost net access for a bit.
    You know, there is much to be said for a handwritten letter. Or note even.

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